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Une Collection de Non-sens
It has begun 
17th-Nov-2006 09:01 am
I am so frustrated with everything right now. This has definitely been my worst semester at UIC, if not my worst semester of college in general. (And that's saying a lot, considering how much I hated NIU.) But I have neither time nor energy to go into detail, and it's not worth reading anyways. I hope everyone else is doing better than I am.

Moving on. A quiz-thingy stolen from Nicole, since she always finds interesting quiz-thingys. Some of this I feel is dead on, some of it not so much.

You are a very sensitive person and you try hard (perhaps a little too hard) to make favourable impressions and to be recognised by your peers. But you have that inherent need to feel appreciated and admired and you are easily hurt if all of your endeavours go by unappreciated or not acknowledged. Stop trying so hard.

You are totally dissatisfied with your present situation. Matters are not going right for you and you are seeking a means of escape. Your mental state of mind necessitates that you need to change your thinking patterns. Remember, if one particular modus operandi doesn't seem to work, then try something different.

It is hard for you to accept that your needs and desires are misunderstood by almost everyone within your sphere of influence and there is no one to rely on. Your pent-up emotions and inherent egocentricity make you quick to take offence, but as matters stand you realise that you'll have to make the best of things as they are.

You pretend that you are a carefree individual and that nothing really bothers you - that you are so self-sufficient that whatever problems beset you they simply flow off you as water flows off a ducks back. You are experiencing considerable stress, trying to conceal yourself from the rest of the world. In actual fact - deep down, you are not at all happy. You feel lonely and you need someone with whom you can 'Let your hair down' and share your hopes, dreams and high standards. You are imposing unnecessary self restraint on yourself. You would like to demonstrate the unique quality of your character to all and sundry.

You are presently worried about your future and you feel that whatever you do will go wrong. At this time you are your own worst enemy. All the disappointment that you have experienced, coupled with the fear that there is no point in formulating fresh goals, have led to anxiety. You would like recognition and a position of trust but you are concerned that these hopes and dreams may not be realised. You are very argumentative and insistent that you are right - maybe you are - but you are pushing too hard. Take it easy, let go, and smile. Smiling and agreeing with people works wonders - try it and see.

from: http://www.paulgoldinresearch.com/cg/index.htm

Also, I love VG Cats liek whoa. If you have ever played a video game in your life, I suggest you check it out. It's pretty hilarious. Anyone who liked V for Vendetta will enjoy this:

VG Cats #216
18th-Nov-2006 05:20 am (UTC)
take a deep breath and realize that you are hot and everyone wants to be you! .....dont be so hard on yourself :)

p.s. we are gonna see Casino Royale tomorrow, so cheer up!
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