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Une Collection de Non-sens
Where's a temporal anomaly when you need one? 
14th-Aug-2006 07:13 pm
School starts in two weeks. Two. I can’t help but wonder where the summer decided to disappear to. It seems like it’s stretched on forever, but at the same time, it was too short. Not that I would do anything of any significance if it was longer (I have a running streak of not accomplishing anything, thus far), I find myself wanting a little more time. I still have all my papers and books and general junk lying around from last semester, yet to be put away or filed in my little hanging folder bin which I bought specifically for that purpose. I had all these plans, like I would do my French workbook before the semester even started, or get all my reading for English done, or even start thinking of research paper topics since I’m taking classes with professors I’ve had before and I know what to expect. But no. Even when I have all the time in the world I can’t bring myself to get things done. Why?

I just have a mental roadblock that is preventing me from becoming a capable adult. I can’t really conceive of my life as a general picture, but I can only focus on specific parts at a time. School is one part. Work is another part. Home life, finances, and medical issues each have their own parts. The Future part is a giant hazy void looming over my head. The “I’m a bum and don’t want to take responsibility for my life, hey let’s waste time doing X that would be better spent doing Y” part keeps taking over lately. Can Peter Francis Geraci help me consolidate my life?

p.s. - I really need to stop playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic...
15th-Aug-2006 02:18 am (UTC)
Now go play that ridiculously long game with Sean Bean voicing one of the characters and just ignore silly things like school and a career.

P.S. Peter Francis Geraci can only help with bankruptcy problems, sorry.
17th-Aug-2006 12:41 am (UTC)
Oblivion has its charm, but I am so into Knights of the Old Republic at the moment. I have Force Persuasion now so I can make people do things. Mwa ha ha ha!

...not that I will really, since I'm "walking the path of light", as Bastila likes to say. Stupid Jedi with their stupid metaphors.

Is it wrong when I have conversations with people there are certain options that make me think, "that's such an Elaine response" and usually those are the ones that lead to dark side points?
15th-Aug-2006 02:36 am (UTC)
Maybe you're like me and need a deadline to get anything done.

(goes back to merrily avoiding draftings)
16th-Aug-2006 11:46 pm (UTC)
Yeah. The week before school starts I'll probably be flipping my shit. I think part of my problem is I get so overwhelmed by what I have to do that I can't even bring myself to begin.

I also have an unhealthy tendency to get fixated on things. Currently, that's Knights of the Old Republic. My mind is essentially in the Star Wars universe at the moment. I even have dreams about with characters from the game in them. Or dreams where my teeth fall out. Odd, that.
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